Our Franchise Partners

There’s no template for success as a JAN-PRO Franchise Partner. Successful Franchise Partners come with a wide range of different skillsets and experience. Nevertheless, we’ve found that people who are open to learning new skills and competencies, work enthusiastically and energetically, and respect their customers and colleagues, often make the best JAN-PRO Franchise Partners.

Regional Franchise Partners

A JAN-PRO Regional Franchise Partner is responsible for securing commercial cleaning contracts, both to satisfy the initial cleaning package a Unit Franchise Partner purchases and to supply further contracts as they grow. They may have a background in sales and marketing, or more general business management experience.

Motivated Leaders With Outstanding Interpersonal Skills

Our Regional Franchise Partners are typically enthusiastic self-starters who enjoy working with people. They are willing to go the extra mile, understand the importance of customer satisfaction to the success of the business and possess proven commercial acumen.

Unit Franchise Partner Support

JAN-PRO’s unique franchise model means that our Regional Franchise Partners’ commercial success depends in large part on the hard work and determination of Unit Franchise Partners. As such, Regional Franchise Partners must be strongly committed to offering a comprehensive package of support to help Unit Franchise Partners within their area grow and develop.

  • Arranging initial training for Unit Franchise Partners
  • Arranging and overseeing ongoing training for Unit Franchise Partners
  • Supervising Unit Franchise Partner cleaning contracts
  • Ensuring that Unit Franchise Partners meet JAN-PRO quality cleaning and service standards
  • Providing ongoing business development support

Regional Franchise Partner Support Network

JAN-PRO Regional Franchise Partners enjoy the full support of JAN-PRO, as well as having regular and invaluable opportunities to network with fellow Regional Franchise Partners. Other key benefits our Regional Franchise Partners enjoy include:

  • Direct access to JAN-PRO UK Master Franchise owners


  • Brand Recognition based on more than 25 years plus experience, and the creditability that makes it easier for JAN-PRO Franchise Partners to generate quality new business
  • Unlimited growth potential: your territory will be big enough to allow you to build a substantial management business
  • Access to skills, technology and support that includes:
    • Comprehensive training in the UK and USA
    • Access to externally-run training courses such as first aid, carpets and floor care etc.
    • Ongoing training materials, including staffing, HR, window cleaning, carpet, scrubbing, etc.
    • Ongoing mentoring and assistance
    • Office space for interviews and meeting
    • Free legal helpline
    • Free health & safety documents
    • Negotiated rates for chemicals, consumables, accountancy and business insurance

All of this allows you to concentrate on delivering first class support to your Unit Franchisees and their customers.

Unit Franchise Partners

It is the role of Unit Franchise Partners to establish the working relationship at each JAN-PRO location and offer our proven, successful services to their customers. That’s why our Unit Franchise Partners are the reason JAN-PRO enjoys a global reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning.

Passionate And Driven, With Impeccable Attention To Detail

You might have chosen franchising in order to own your own business but manage the risk of becoming an entrepreneur – choosing to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. You have a desire to grow a substantial business, rather than just buy a job.

You’ll be comfortable training and managing staff, as well as keeping clients happy by taking pride in delivering an outstanding service that meets and exceeds JAN-PRO’s high standards.

You may or may not have cleaning industry experience (none of our existing Unit Franchise Partners joined JAN-PRO with prior industry experience) but you probably have experience working in a customer focused environment. You possess a first-class customer service ethos.

No sales experience is required to excel as a Unit Franchise Partner as all business is delivered to you via JAN-PRO and Regional Franchise Partners, but you possess excellent people skills and first-rate communications skills.

The Support You Need To Thrive

Our support team will start working with you from your very first day as a JAN-PRO Unit Franchise Partner. Our first step is to appoint an experienced Regional Franchisee, who will work closely with you to provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Sourcing cleaning contracts
  • Advising on equipment of the right standard
  • Arranging initial training
  • Arranging and overseeing ongoing training
  • Supervising cleaning contracts
  • Ensuring cleaning and service standards are met

Once you grow your business you will need to employ suitable team members in readiness for servicing new contracts. And once your first JAN-PRO contract is firmly established you’ll be encouraged to grow by acquiring more contracts, ultimately progressing to a full management franchise, where you are managing employees who carry out cleaning on your behalf.