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A Message from our Managing Directors

We want to personally thank you for taking time to enquire and discuss into partnering with JAN-PRO, the World’s #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise.

Let me tell you a little about how we get you started owning your own commercial cleaning business and there are two paths you can take:

1. Become a Regional Franchise Partner

Our Regional Franchise Partner opportunity is ideally suited to experienced business professionals.

How does cleaning qualify as a business for experienced professionals? The answer is simple: cleaning itself has little to do with the JAN-PRO Regional Franchise model. Instead, it allows experienced businesspeople to capitalise on the business of ‘franchise’ cleaning.

As a Regional Franchise Partner you will operate your business during normal 9 to 5 business hours in a professional office environment, while Unit Franchise Partners will provide cleaning services, supported by your office staff.

  • You also get 2 weeks training in Atlanta USA (all expenses paid)
  • Investment from £24,000 + VAT with GUARANTEED appointments
  • Turnover £1.8m by year 4

2. Become a Unit Franchise Partner

The role of the Unit Franchise Partners is to establish the working relationship at each JAN-PRO location and offer our proven, successful services to their customers. That’s why our Unit Franchise Partners are the reason JAN-PRO enjoys a global reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning.

  • We get you the customers – Guaranteed!
  • We do the invoicing and collections and you get your money every 30 days
  • No experience is needed; we teach you everything
  • Three categories of franchise plans all providing guaranteed turnover to suit your budget and management expertise

Operator Level: Starts from £3,000
Management Level: Starts from £9,000
Executive Level: Starts from £21,000

We were rated the World’s #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise for an astounding 12th year in a row and have over 10,000 successful partners worldwide. You have selected a great time to look at our opportunity.

JAN-PRO is a proven business format and success of each partner like yourself will be a result of using our program, working hard, working smart and following a system designed by almost 30 years of  industry dominance.

We look forward to helping, guiding and supporting you as you research franchising and discover more about the sector and the JAN-PRO opportunity.

Ketan Parekh & Raj Gandhi

Managing Directors, JAN-PRO UK

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