Why We Franchised

Franchising is a proven formula that minimises risk for everyone involved, while offering substantial potential for growth and profit. In the UK it’s a substantial – and growing – industry. In 2017 the franchise sector contributed £15.1 billion to UK economy – an increase of 46% over the past 10 years.

The number of franchise-owned businesses in the UK continues to rise and is estimated to be more than 45,000. Remarkably, over 90% of all franchisees are still in business after 5 years.

For brands like JAN-PRO, franchising is a fantastic way to achieve rapid expansion and increase brand recognition, benefiting our Franchise Partners and helping the business expand nationally and globally.

Support and Security

For potential Franchise Partners the JAN-PRO franchise system provides a chance to become part of a leading growth company in a rapidly expanding industry. It offers a lower risk of failure and loss of investment, making it a great option to build a secure financial future.

Crucially, if you choose to join the JAN-PRO family as a Franchise Partner, you will be in business for yourself, not by yourself. You will enter one of the fastest growing industries safely by becoming your own boss with the guidance and support of an established and successful organisation.

With a JAN-PRO franchise it is possible to run your own business, enjoy the benefits of belonging to a larger organisation, share the accumulated experience and trading knowledge of that organisation, yet still benefit directly from your own efforts.

Shared Success

JAN-PRO’s Regional and Unit Franchise Partners bring unparalleled dedication, energy and enthusiasm. For our clients, we sincerely believe that JAN-PRO Franchise Partners, who reap the benefits of their own success and hard work, provide customer service that is superior to rival businesses operating a model that relies on managed employees.

Strength in Diversity

Our diversity is also our strength. JAN-PRO Franchise Partners come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their own individual skills, experiences and abilities. Where large companies can become set in their ways and thinking processes, the advantage of a franchise network like ours lies in the power of individual Franchise Partners to enrich the organisation so that it becomes more than just the sum of its parts.