Your Investment

The term of the franchise agreement is five years, with the right to renew the agreement without a further fee for an additional two 5-year periods, subject to meeting conditions set out in the franchise agreement.

Franchise Fee

For Unit Franchise Partners, the standard franchise package fee is from £3,000 plus VAT because it varies depending on the number and value of the contracts you decide to invest in.

We ask for a deposit of £1,000 plus VAT to secure a territory while you prepare your business plan and arrange funding. This deposit is refundable less JAN-PRO’s expenses should you decide not to proceed.

What Lending Help Do You Provide?

JAN-PRO is a proven franchise business format with excellent support. As such, your bank is likely to look upon an application for financial assistance more favourably than if you were seeking to set up a similar type of business on your own. Most major UK banks have a franchise department that will be familiar with the JAN-PRO opportunity.

What Will I Get For My Investment?

For Unit Franchise Partners the franchise fee covers the cost of:


  • A licence to operate a JAN-PRO Franchise

  • A five session, Unit Franchise Partner training programme in London, including all relevant product knowledge, preparation, business administration and client management

  • Your initial staff

  • A further three training sessions that will take place at your own client premises

  • Support from a dedicated Regional Franchise Partner

  • An Operations Manual, on loan for the duration of your Franchise Licence

  • A full stationery pack

  • Cleaning starter kit including: Uniforms,Stationery & Marketing, Housekeeping, Health & Safety, High Dusting, Microfibre Cloths, Floor Care, Chemicals, Vacuum