What Are My Ongoing Costs?

Ongoing Costs

For Unit Franchise Partners, ongoing fees payable to the relevant Regional Franchise Partner amount to 15% of turnover.

This is comprised of:

  • Management Service Fee
    5% plus VAT of gross turnover (as defined) net of VAT
  • Support Fee
    10% plus VAT of gross turnover (as defined) net of VAT

How Much Can I Earn?

Ultimately, how much you earn as a JAN-PRO Franchise Partner is up to you, the franchise plan you purchase, and how hard you’re willing to work and expand your business.

A Unit Franchise Partner paying a franchise fee of £10,000 could expect to see turnover of approximately £42,000 in Year 1, rising to £104,000 in Year 2, £176,000 in Year 3 and £248,000 in Year 4.

Disclaimer: Information presented on this website is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the franchise partner. The following projections have been provided based on our experience and an assessment of the market opportunity and are by way of illustration only. You must draw up your own business plan, specific to your chosen location. There is no guarantee that you will achieve these figures, nor is it intended that you should rely on them as a warranty or guarantee.