What Are My Ongoing Costs?

Regional Franchise Partners

Regional Franchise Partners receive a monthly fee of 15% of the Unit Franchise Partner’s turnover. This is made up of 5% Royalty Fee and 10% Support Fee.

Regional Franchise Partners pay 4% of the 15% to JAN-PRO.

In addition to Royalty and Support Fees, Regional Franchise Partners also receive:

  • An initial fee from each Unit Franchise Partner when they sign a franchise agreement
  • Payment for new contracts purchased by Unit Franchisee Partners
  • Commission on product sales

A fee of 10% on these sources of income is payable to JAN-PRO.

Unit Franchise Partners

For Unit Franchise Partners, ongoing fees payable to the relevant Regional Franchise Partner amount to 15% of turnover.

This is comprised of:

  • Royalty Fee
    5% plus VAT of gross turnover (as defined) net of VAT
  • Support Fee
    10% plus VAT of gross turnover (as defined) net of VAT