Our Values

JAN-PRO has set the standard in commercial cleaning since 1991. Trust, reliability, innovation and leadership are the core of who we are. By delivering reliably exceptional service to our customers we’ve built client relationships that endure and become a globally recognised brand in the process.

Our formula for success can be summed up in simple terms:

Trusted + Clean = Guaranteed.

The JAN-PRO process is designed to guarantee customer satisfaction through quality, technology and measurement. It promises a consistent clean from the same reliable staff – every time.

JAN-PRO Guarantee

JAN-PRO offers an exclusive written guarantee that is supported by our branded processes and is the most comprehensive guarantee in the commercial cleaning industry. The JAN-PRO guarantee reflects our commitment to the best training, newest technology, most measurable results, and highest-quality commercial cleaning service available.

The JAN-PRO guarantee is our promise to customers that we will:

  • Complete all regularly scheduled cleaning commitments on time
  • Respond to and promptly resolve any service issues within one business day
  • Schedule a complimentary clean if we fail to meet either of these obligations

When all’s said and done, we tell our clients what we’ll do and we do what we say, so they can trust that we mean it – every time.

Trusted. Clean. Guaranteed.