Ongoing Support

Jan-PRO Franchise Partners are set up to achieve success from Day 1. As your business grows, you’ll find us supporting you every step of the way.

Not only do we work continuously to build and develop the JAN-PRO brand – investing in marketing to generate public and commercial awareness to benefit our Franchise Partners – we also offer tailored support and training to Regional and Unit Franchise Partners according to their specific needs.

Regional Franchise Partners

Specific ongoing support for JAN-PRO Regional Franchise Partners includes:

  • Ongoing training programmes, relevant to Franchise Partners’ needs
  • A ‘helpdesk’ facility offering advice on all aspects of the JAN-PRO business method
  • Support visits from JAN-PRO UK representatives to review business performance and offer advice and guidance
  • Regular meetings that bring Regional Franchise Partners together to exchange ideas and promote business development
  • Updates to the Franchise Operations Manual
  • IT systems support, including the implementation of technological updates as appropriate

Unit Franchise Partners

Specific ongoing support for Unit Franchise Partners includes:

  • Regular visits from your Regional Franchisee
  • Quarterly franchise review meetings
  • Performance comparison to help you benchmark your business
  • Regular opportunities to network with other Unit Franchise Partners
  • Client Relationships, QC, Inspections and Customer Support – typically this entails visiting your customers every two months to identify any performance issues before the client notices them
  • Ongoing training, covering areas such as staffing, HR, window cleaning, carpet, scrubbing, etc. plus other training as required