Unit Franchise Model

What You Get As A Unit Franchise Partner

  • JAN-PRO get you the customers – GUARANTEED!
  • There is no selling required
  • No chasing payments as JAN-PRO collect your money and pay you every 30 days
  • No experience is required and JAN-PRO teach you everything you need to be successful
  • Investment from £3,000 + VAT
  • Turnover £250K by Year 4

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Regional Franchise Partner Support

JAN-PRO Unit Franchise Partners enjoy the support of a Regional Franchise Partner, with monthly income guaranteed. They build and maintain great relationships with clients while actively participating in and/or managing actual cleaning responsibilities.

JAN-PRO Benefits To You

“Guaranteed Clients”

For many JAN-PRO Unit Franchise Partners, one of the most appealing aspects of the Unit Franchise model is that there’s no selling involved! As a Unit Franchise Partner you are guaranteed accounts – all you have to do is provide exceptional service.

“Recognised Brand”

JAN-PRO enjoys brand recognition based on more than 25 years of experience. That means you don’t need to start from scratch in building, developing and establishing a cleaning brand – you can make full use of the JAN-PRO brand and systems from Day 1.

“Unlimited Growth Potential”

Another hugely appealing aspect of the Unit Franchise model is the potential to grow at a pace that suits your lifestyle and aspirations. You are truly in the driving seat and in control of how fast your business grows and when. We provide additional customer accounts at a pace that meets your needs, so if the time isn’t right for rapid expansion, no problem. If you’re keen to take on more staff and increase your turnover, great! It’s your business and your choice.

Unit Franchise Partner Testimonial Videos

Summary of Video (1:08min)

  • Olaseni and Bola joined JAN-PRO 5 years ago
  • JAN-PRO gave them opportunity to be their own boss
  • Ola and Bola were given existing contracts as well as new ones without having to sell
  • JAN-PRO help them to recruit cleaners when needed
  • It’s a 50-50 kind of partnership. “Our success is their success”

Summary of Video (1:18min)

  • Rasa joined JAN-PRO 5 years ago
  • Rasa was a cleaning supervisor before joining JAN-PRO
  • JAN-PRO as wanted her own business
  • Time and potential to earn more money
  • Wanted potential to earn more money
  • Loved JAN-PRO because of the unlimited growth potential and Guaranteed clients
  • Rasa was nervous starting her own business but the rewards have been great

Summary of Video (1min)

  • Ade and Renata
  • Had their own commercial cleaning company
  • They were struggling to get it off the ground
  • JAN-PRO’s recognised brand brought trust and client retention
  • Ade and Renata are able to win big clients they could never get before
  • JAN-PRO brought them stability and financial security

Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a JAN-PRO Unit Franchise Partner, you can also very easily schedule a call to arrange an initial chat.

You can also register your interest in attending a ‘Discovery Day’ by completing the simple form.